Dark before the dawn

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The Darkest Hour

This week’s adventure began with our heroes being driven to seek shelter from a violent storm. They took refuge in what they had thought was an abandoned manor house, only to find that it wasn’t as empty as they had hoped. They had been wandering long in the wilderness without food, and when they finally found some, they were attacked by giant rats. They defeated their foes and soon had their fill, and managed to refill their depleted stores. Since it was still early in the day, the heroes opted to explore their shelter.
It wasn’t very long before they found that their new home was also home to a band of devil worshipping bandits. They found the bandit’s pet howler and dispatched it, but not without alerting some of the bandits to their presence. Moving quickly through the house, they found the bandit’s dark lord, a hideous chain devil. As they desperately fought the beast, it fixed it’s eyes on Averin and gave her a glimpse of a familiar face. She was able to resist the beast, but was nearly felled by an onslaught of deadly chains. Bob rushed in to shove the beast away from her, and with Anthony’s help distracted it long enough for Vidania to heal Averin. Once she was back on her feet, Averin’s magical mace crushed the beast’s skull. Things may have gone from bad to worse for our heroes however, as soon after their victory, a reddish-pink mist descended on them, and they found themselves in a strange new land.


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